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This article by Don J. Grundmann is reposted from Fight the Power

and includes the recent talk he did with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

by Don.J Grundmann

Dear Citizen :

Below the radar of the awareness of many citizens a grave threat to the children of our state, and hence to our future social and cultural stability, has been slowly yet progressively developing in recent years to the point that it is now, even though in the very beginning stages of a decades long plan, being openly introduced as an emotional, mental, and spiritual weapon of attack. I refer to the psychotic ( noun – an abnormal condition of the mind described as involving loss of contact with reality ) emotional, mental, and spiritual pathology known as ” transgender.”

Normalizing pathology

The foundational claim of persons afflicted by this pathology is that they are imprisoned in a wrong body relative to who they truly are; i.e.; they were born as a female yet claim to be truly male or the reverse. They hence seek to present themselves as the opposite sex which they claim to be; most often, but not always, through being chemically and/or surgically mutilated.

In our nation an adult is predominantly free to be psychotic as long as he/she poses no physical threat to others or has not performed any act of violence resulting from their condition. Such persons are appropriately imprisoned/restrained and/or counseled/treated.

The problem comes when we – A) attempt to socially and culturally normalize, endorse, and promote a psychotic condition; and ( especially ) B) attempt to Socially Engineer, Pavlovain Indoctrinate, and mentally and emotionally molest children that such psychotic condition is not only normal but to be accepted, celebrated, and even copied. This is precisely the goal of what I refer to as the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in regard to the pathology of ” transgender.”

First, let us be clear : so-called ” transgender ” is a psychotic ( loss of contact with reality ) condition. It is an emotional, mental, and spiritual breakdown, fracturing, and soul sickness/pathology of the singular person. In no possibility or manifestation is ” transgender ” a normal, sane, rational, beneficial, healthy, wholesome, or even neutral condition. Rather it is the complete and total reverse – an outward manifestation of a broken, shattered, deteriorating, and degenerating person who is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually afflicted/sickened by the condition.

The relevance of this fact to the Social Engineering/Pavlovian Indoctrination of children is a phenomenon which; even though having already been planned, prepared, and cultivated for years; is just now manifesting itself into our culture. I refer to the attempt to promote the pathology of transgenderism by forcing children/students afflicted by the condition into bathrooms of the opposing sex; such as forcing young girls to share bathroom and shower facilities with a biological male.

Schools are Satanic disease incubators and mind destruction factories

While this phenomenon is barely just beginning, as illustrated by a few cases of psychotic teenagers being forced upon students in high schools and ( far more ominously ) the introduction of ” gender neutral ” bathrooms in an ELEMENTARY school, it is the war plan of its controllers of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement to, unless it is stopped, launch a massive multi-million dollar and decades long attack campaign, using ” transgender ” as the ” point of the spear,” against the children of our state and nation.

To understand the grave threat which this phenomenon and movement and its emerging attack presents to both the children and future of our state and nation its philosophy and religion, its driving force, must be understood.

1 Chronicles 1:2 ” Male and female created He them…” is part of the Christian bedrock foundation of western civilization; and indeed of humanity as a whole. It is what all sane people have recognized from the beginning of time – the immutable (adj. – unchanging over time or unable to be changed. ” An immutable fact.”) fact of, minimally, the biological differences between men and women. It is upon this fundamental recognition that the most elementary and basic concepts of identity and personhood can be built; i.e.; children start their discovery of life, who they are, and who they can be, by starting upon the foundation of understanding and then knowing they are a boy or a girl.

This profoundly simple, profoundly elementary, and most utterly basic scientific, religious, and ( especially ) common sense concept of life and development is the attack target of so-called ” transgenderism;” an attack which if successful will, in time and as intended, shatter countless lives inclusive of our entire society.

Transgenderism is cultural marxism destroying Christian values

For the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement; the Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare campaign to sanitize, normalize, and promote homosexuality, sodomy, and all perversion/degeneracy as healthy, natural, and to be emulated; has; compared to all healthy/normal cultures, societies, and nations; a completely different religious/philosophical base – here I refer to the anti-Christianity of the Marquis De Sade; a division of the religion of Humanism. It is this religious base – where no God exists, man is an animal, and sexual relations with anyone or anything at any time for any reason is the standard – which works to become ” the new normal ” by using ” transgenderism ” as a key weapon in the attack to destroy the Christian; common sense, healthy, normal, and both truly natural and real; foundations of the nation and most specifically the children of the nation while replacing them with their Humanist Religion opposites.

” Transgenderism ” is hence a spear point in a religious, Humanism vs Christianity, war. The campaign to force acceptance, endorsement, and promotion of psychotic children afflicted by the transgender pathology is in fact a tactic to break the common sense moral foundations of children at their deepest, most fundamental, and basic level – to mentally, emotionally, and ( especially ) spiritually molest ( verb – pester or harass, typically in an aggressive or persistent manner ) children by telling them that they too could be either in the wrong body or even be in another gender separate from boy or girl. This will occur when children afflicted/sickened by the pathology are forced upon normal/healthy children in a public school setting and/or when an alliance of politicians, school bureaucrats, teacher unions, and sodomites ( so-called ” gays ” ), all believers in the Humanist Religion, introduce the pathology into the public school system.

An attack on the soul of our children with the parents as agents for Satan

The surface explanation/objective ” cover story ” will be the protection and education of the transgender stricken child and also to present the psychosis/perversion as a valid normal and natural human condition. The ” rights ” of the psychotic child, to have their pathology completely endorsed and their healing totally denied, will be given complete protection and endorsement while the rights of the normal/healthy/sane children to be protected from the pathology will be ignored, dismissed, ridiculed, and denied as the real objective will be to mentally, emotionally, and ( especially ) spiritually and morally molest and break the targeted normal children, more specifically boys as will be discussed, by using afflicted students as a psychological warfare weapon of attack and/or by the noted corrupt Humanist Religion alliance claiming to present a new ” scientific fact.”

For the totally bizarre presentation of a boy pretending and claiming to be a girl or the reverse is something that – A) children will inherently recognize as abnormal; i.e.; sick ,even if they cannot put this into words ; and B) rational/sane adults will also recognize as pathological. That is why we have experienced a massive multi-million dollar national Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare program regarding so-called ” bullying.”

True ” bullying ” (verb – use superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force him or her to do what one wants) has occurred from time immemorial between both children and adults. The real, as compared to the fake cover story, purpose of the current Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, psychological warfare program against bullying is to silence any criticism of homosexuality, sodomy and perversion, which in every instance is falsely reclassified as such “bullying” within our now disease incubators and cultivators known as public schools – either of singular perverted students or of the sickened and corrupted system itself.

The natural, healthy, normal child will spontaneously react to a pathological expression such as transgenderism; i.e.; a fake boy or a fake girl; with an uneducated negative reaction such as ridicule, scorn, or a similar emotion accompanied by a natural and healthy desire to be separated from the diseased child. So-called ” bullying ” campaigns are meant to Socially Engineer the sane and uninfected child to suppress their natural aversion to the pathology; i.e.; to suppress their conscience; and instead; as with ” newspeak,” also known as ” groupthink,” described in George Orwell’s ” 1984;” be Pavlovian Indoctrinated and Socially Engineered to accept, endorse, and promote the sickness.

This will be in contrast to a rational/sane adult who will recognize the pathology debilitating the singular student and will then take 2 actions – A) work to protect their own child and all other children from being harmed in any way by the destructive and degenerative pathology; and B) work to aid the afflicted student so that they may recover from their pathology to a state of true health. Actions A) and B) are motivated by, and expressions of, Christian love.

Unfortunately such true love; a recognition of the mental, emotional, and spiritual disease of the afflicted and a willingness to both protect others from the pathology and aid its singular carrier in a return to health; is no longer politically, or even legally, allowed in our state.

For, time traveling back to 1965 ( just 50 years ago ) who would then have imagined that – A) homosexuality ( sodomy ) would be, as now, both promoted and protected in our pubic school system; or B) that an associated emotional pathology/sickness such as transgenderism could also be similarly presented to students as normal, natural, acceptable, and to be emulated/copied?

Any such attempts to Socially Engineer/Pavlovian Indoctrinate children to accept such obvious emotional pathologies as normal, natural, or healthy to the slightest degree in any possible way would have in past times been instantly recognized at all community levels – local, county, state, and national – as monstrous attacks upon the foundations of the targeted community. They would have been repulsed instantly with no possibility for their promoters; who would have been arrested/jailed, fully prosecuted, and/or run out of town; to in any way achieve their horrific goals of attacking children.

Transgenderism is the last step towards normalizing pedophilia

Yet, as a grim vision of the total and complete success of Social Engineering and Pavlovian Indoctrination in overwhelming our society and culture, only 50 years later massive numbers of citizens and indeed entire political parties; in fact, with the Democratic Party leading the way, ALL of them except for dwindling portions of the Republican and Constitution parties; endorse, either openly or by sitting on their hands and not complaining, the Social Engineering/Pavlovian Indoctrination of children to accept, endorse, and promote homosexuality, sodomy, and perversion/pathology in any form inclusive of the ” spear point ” of transgenderism.

” Ditto ” with school boards, school administrators, and of course teachers unions throughout the nation. With massive multi-million dollar funding ” Gay-Straight Alliance ” sodomite promotion clubs have been spread from their high school origins down to their ultimate intended targets – elementary schools with an emphasis on beginning the mental, emotional, and spiritual Social Engineering molestation bullying process in kindergarten where the corruption, infection, and destruction of children will be considered as easy to accomplish as ” shooting fish in a barrel.” This follows the attack plan of the world renowned sodomite child molester organization known as NAMBLA ( North American Man-Boy Love Association ) whose motto of ” sex before 8 or its too late ” acknowledges that the earlier a child can be attacked the less will be the likelihood that they will ever recover.

Hence in complete contrast to the past history of our nation or even of humanity itself, and despite a paper thin public veneer of the contrary, children can no longer look to adults to protect or save them. Virtually all of our elected state officials ( inclusive of Attorney General Harris, her Democratic U.S. Senate opponent, and many other candidates ), overcoming only a small handful of opposition, either officially or unofficially support teaching the ” normality ” of transgenderism, in addition to sodomy and any and all other perversions/sicknesses, to all students within the public school system ( most especially starting in kindergarten ); the purpose of which is to, in the short term, break down the mental and moral foundations, predominantly Christian or Christian related, of the targeted child so that they may be recruited into the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement division of the Humanist Religion and, in the long term, destroy all protections of children from attack as we know them today.

As documented as and subsequently demonstrated at numerous other venues, the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement has, with its growing strength, begin to cast aside its previous deceptions/lies and finally ” come out of the closet ” to openly admit its intention and practice of recruiting children into homosexual perversion, disease, and degeneracy. Forcing children; via Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare ( such as ” peer pressure ” ) within the public school system; to accept, endorse, promote, and copy the emotional, mental, and spiritual pathology of transgenderism is; while being an advanced form of child abuse and molestation; simply the logical expansion of the war attack by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and Humanist Religion against the Christian foundations of our society and culture.

To break the Christian moral foundations of the nation the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement knows that it MUST attack children mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and morally at the earliest age possible so that their moral base can be shattered and reformed according to the anti-Christian Marquis De Sade/Humanist Religion beliefs, such as in transgenderism and many other perversions, of their attackers.

Once in the self mutilation there is no way back

Yet there is an even deeper level of Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare which is advanced by the attack of transgenderism.
Simply expressed ( and as can be further clarified by the writings of Robert Stacy McCain at and other sources ), the Humanist religious and philosophical base of the transgender movement, while presenting the idea that the afflicted person is simply mutilating themselves into their ” real ” self, promotes 2 additional truly psychotic ideas – 1) boys and girls are not born as such but instead CHOOSE, through cultural and social indoctrination, to be boys and girls; i.e.; if you are a man or a woman you were NOT born that way but rather were TRAINED to be so; and 2) that masculinity is a threat to society and hence boys must be ” reeducated ” away from being men; i.e.; they must be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually castrated so that any shred of masculinity within them is crushed and eliminated.

These ideas are simply outward expressions of the underlying religious war – Christianity claims that boys and girls are both unique and valuable, inherently different, and created by God while the anti-Christianity of the Marquis De Sade and Humanism, the foundation of transgenderism, claims the opposite; they are manufactured; i’e’; they can be ( as with ” Silly Putty ” ) molded and shaped into both the same shape ( known as ” androgynous ” ) and according to the desires of those who control them irregardless of ANY biological differences.
An additional division of this belief, springing from a subset of Humanism known as Feminism, is that men and masculinity are inherently evil and must be replaced as driving forces within our culture and society.

Incredible stupid, sick and evil ideas (especially by the parents)

These incredibly stupid, sick, and indeed evil ideas produce the attempts to ban the words ” boy ” and ” girl ” from birth certificates so that the child may at a later time ” choose ” their gender.
These incredibly stupid, sick, and indeed evil ideas produce unisex bathrooms; starting in kindergarten, already introduced in San Francisco, and intended to be introduced in ALL educational levels throughout the country; as a psychological warfare weapon to, as desired by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement, shatter the moral foundations of children at the earliest possible age.
These incredibly stupid, sick, and indeed evil ideas produce the claim, already being taught to elementary school students via organizations sponsored by teachers unions, that there are more than 2 genders, with the numbers varying from 3 to 23 to 73.

These incredibly stupid, sick, and indeed evil ideas produce the now announced federal government plan to eliminate the words ” he ” and ” she ” from government documents so as to avoid offending perverts who consider themselves to be members of genders number 3 through 73.
These incredibly stupid, sick, and indeed evil ideas produce the psychosis, being taught to children as referred to above, that a person can claim to be a man one minute, a woman the next, both the next, neither the next, and more ( from 3 to 73 ) the next.

These incredibly stupid, sick, and indeed evil ideas produce ” laws,” now being introduced in New York City as the very beginning of an attack campaign for their implementation across the nation that – can fine a person $250,000 for using the wrong pronoun in reference to a transgender pervert; can fine a gym $250,000 if they refuse to let a so-called ” male-to-female ” transgender pervert use the womens bathroom and shower facilities; can fine a business $250,000 if they refuse to allow a male-to-female transgender pervert to use the bathroom facilities of their female employees.
These and many many other profoundly and utterly sick ideas are to be forced upon our society and culture by the Religion of Humanism and its Homosexual/Sodomy Movement subdivision as they ramp up their war against the Christian foundations of the nation.

Just these few ideas, discounting many many additional psychotic manifestations, are intended primarily to attack boys and crush any development of masculinity within them – to ” feminize ” boys at the earliest age possible in order to strangle and kill any natural masculine development. Their secondary target is girls in whom any hint of femininity; a curse word, as with masculinity, to the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and the Humanist Religion; is to be crushed and replaced by the emotional retardation known as lesbianism.

We better wake up and start saving our children

Bottom Line – Just as Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare have, in just 50 years, remolded the nation to legalize the pathology of sodomite marriage, a mere stepping stone in the decades long attack plan of the Humanist Religion and its Homosexual/Sodomy Movement subdivision, so now will the next phase of the war use the spearpoint of transgenderism toward the ultimate goal of mentally, emotionally, and spiritually attacking and shattering the children of our state and nation for all generations to come.
The Objective – Destroy, in another mere 50 years, the cultural and social stability of the nation, and hence destroy the nation, by cultivating and producing massive and ever increasing numbers of broken, shattered, and psychotic children who become broken, shattered, and psychotic adults.

End Result – The nation collapses and dies because its people have collapsed and; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and morally; died.

The public school system; even more than currently and as exposed by John Taylor Gatto in his classic book ” The Underground History of American Education,” is to be used as a Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, psychological warfare weapon against children (who are considered to be equal to lab rats and/or Pavlovs dogs). As described by Mr. Gatto, the ”Elites” consider parents, especially Christian parents, as obstacles to their plans to ”assimilate” all children (except their own) into, as described by them, ” The Hive.”
The Question – Do the people of California, much less the nation, have the moral strength to save their children from the soul shattering molestation which is planned for them, using ” transgender ” as ” the point of the spear,” by the Homosexual, Sodomy Movement?

The Answer – At this moment, still very early in the battle, is no.

Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare have, in a process only just beginning, decimated the culture of our nation to the point that ever increasing numbers of citizens both completely support the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in every possible manifestation ( inclusive of groups such as NAMBLA ) and exist in fear as they know that any opposition to it in the slightest degree can result in loss of their employment, the end of their career, or the destruction of their business.

What was once unthinkable – the promotion of homosexuality in the public school system – has been achieved by the moral collapse of citizens who not only do not oppose the abandonment of children to the pathology but openly support sacrificing them to those who have, in all rational societies, been considered deadly enemies of children in every possible way.
This is why the crime of the mutilation of children into the transgender pathology must be banned.

Last chance to save our children

It is a virtual ” last chance ” to defend children within the public school system from being mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and morally molested by a Homosexual/Sodomy Movement which tells them that they too may have been born in the wrong body, may be another gender or even genders ( from 2 to 73 ), and will not know for certain until they experience sodomy or any other perversion.

It is a virtual ” last chance ” to take a stand in defense of children from their mortal enemies and a last chance for adults to make a statement that they will not abandon the children of our state and nation to a horrific fate.

It is a virtual ” last chance ” to stop a now accelerating process which, in a mere 50 years ( or less ), will totally reverse all laws protecting children as we know, or simply remember, them today.
While adults are free to mutilate themselves as they wish we must return to our true cultural, social, and, yes, religious; i.e.; Christian; roots and refuse to allow children to be mutilated into the transgender pathology for parental, political, or long term warfare against Christianity reasons.

We must stop, through the true love which only Christianity can provide, the usage of our public school system, now under control of the Religion of Humanism, as a Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare weapon against children for the purpose of mentally, emotionally, morally, and spiritually breaking, shattering, and destroying them.
We must stop the usage of the public school system as a place where individuality and God-given identity is crushed and children are enslaved to degeneracy and conformity, groveling, and obedience to the Socially Engineered ” Hive ” such as represented and promoted by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement.

We must protect our children; the future of ourselves, our state, and our nation; from being soul molested and shattered in the religious war which seeks to sacrifice them to the Satanic God of Humanism.

If you agree that the future of our state and nation, our children, must be protected from being mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and morally raped and destroyed by the war which the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and the Religion of Humanism are waging against them I ask for your support for my campaign for the office of United States Senator from our state of California.
We must raise a banner and fight for the defense of our children, future, and nation against a completely totalitarian, utterly ruthless, and totally anti-human force which seeks to destroy our cultural, social, and religious foundations for all time.

The forces of the Humanist Religion and their subdivision of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement are strong.

The Democratic Party is 1,000% in favor of the molestation; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and morally; of children. They are the main political driving force of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement jihad, will not lift a finger to protect children, and will instead viciously attack those who do.

The Republican Party in California has, not at its true grassroots but its controlling and bureaucratic levels, surrendered to the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and will, at best, sit on their hands and do nothing to protect the children of the state against the jihad against them which I have described.

The American Independent Party is in fact, and despite any false appearances and claims, completely controlled by a literally criminal element which is under complete control of the national Republican Partys’ Establishment wing; a group which, despite any fake declarations to the contrary, completely supports the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in all possible ways.
The Libertarian Party will support the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in any way possible and will not lift a finger to protect the children of the state while the Green Party is a foaming-at-the-mouth supporter of any and all attacks by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement upon children.

The media and entertainment industries are massively controlled by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement with only isolated pockets of resistance remaining.
Resistance of the Christian church within the state to the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement war upon children has, principally through outright fear and/or abandonment of scriptural beliefs to join the satanic perceived winning side, largely collapsed.

All of these political, social, and cultural factors combined produce a condition where there is virtually no remaining resistance to the now beginning blitzkrieg of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement against their child targets. Only an activated citizenry, a moral militia, can make a virtual ” last stand ” against a merciless Humanist Religion juggernaut which; with its weapons of Social Engineering, Pavlovian Indoctrination, and psychological warfare; is poised to, within 2 generations at the most, crush the social and cultural foundations of our nation and replace them with their complete opposites.

Hence I ask for your support in this war for the defense of our children, our future, and our nation.

Our nation was not, and never could be, founded by shattered psychotic adults proclaiming their ” pride ” in sodomy or in being ” transgender.”

Our nation did not, and never could, grow by teaching our children to be perverts or to accept, endorse, or promote such sicknesses in any way.

Rather our nation grew because of its Christian foundations which included an iron defense of children, a complete stopping of those who would harm them, and a loving hand of healing help to those afflicted by pathologies of the soul.

I ask you to join our Constitution Party, the last party in California which is willing to fight in defense of children.

May it never be said that we passively and in fear surrendered our children and our sacred honor to those who are enemies of all that made our country great, all that keeps us at least minimally free, and all that our children can build their future lives on.

May God bless our efforts and bring us a victory of the forces of life over the forces of death, darkness, and evil in their jihad against our children, our nation, and our future.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

For the full article check the website of Don for more great information on these subjects: Fight the Power

Listen to the talk Don recently did with Andrew Carrington Hitchcockmy campaign against the mutilation of children

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