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MYCOPLASMA The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
Willem Felderhof | 8 November
from Nexus Magazine Several strains of mycoplasma have been "engineered" to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed
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Geo engineering, the ultimate weapon in the toxic war on humanity and Mother Earth. How to protect yourself in this escalating battle.
Willem Felderhof | 1 November

The irreversible awaking of humanity on the fact that we are under attack by the psychopaths in power is exponentially

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How to make your own Divine medicine? Watch the Rick Simpson story.
Willem Felderhof | 7 October
[ultimate_spacer height="20" height_on_tabs="20" height_on_mob="20"]After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the
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Conclusions Bio-initiative 2012 on radiation health effects
Willem Felderhof | 6 October
[ultimate_spacer height="20" height_on_tabs="20" height_on_mob="20"] Conclusions BIOINITIATIVE 2012 – CONCLUSIONS Table 1-1 Overall, these 1800 or so new studies report abnormal
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GMO Propaganda and the Sociology of Science
Willem Felderhof | 6 October

In August of 2014, the website Gawker revealed documents that demonstrated the lengths to which the global chemical giant Monsanto

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Kambo journey
Willem Felderhof | 4 October

Bij cliënten die te maken hebben met een slecht functionerend immuunsysteem of een duidelijk verzwakt, en daardoor vervuild energielichaam hebben,

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