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Exactly 73 years ago approximately 500.000 innocent German civilians were “democratically” slaughtered during the worst warcrime of WW2;

                                                                                        “The Dresden Holocaust.”

Whenever the firebombing of Dresden comes up you can be certain of two reactions. 1) They started it. 2) It was in response to Coventry. If it wasn’t for a thoroughly corrupt media the facts would be better known.


“Because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the strategic bombing offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May 11, 1940, the publicity it deserves.” ~ Bombing Vindicated. J. M. Spaight, CB. CBE. Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry. (Note the date was during what journalists described as the Bore War as the conflict was to all intents and purposes over; only Churchill was determined to widen the war).


“We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland.” ~ J. M. Spaight, CB. CBE. Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry.

“The first ‘area’ air attack of the war was carried out by 134 British bombers on the German city of Mannheim, on the 16 December 1940.  The object of this attack, as Air Chief Marshall Peirse later explained, was, “To concentrate the maximum amount of damage in the centre of the town,” ~ The Strategic Air Offensive Against Germany. (H. M Stationery Office, London, 1961).


“Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets.  Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Adolf Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones.” ~ J. M Spaight, CB. CBE. Bombing Vindicated, p.47. Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry.

Captain Sir. Basil Liddell Hart, eminent British war historian and strategist declared that through this strategy victory had been achieved “through practicing the most uncivilised means of warfare that the world had known since the Mongol invasions.” ~ The Evolution of Warfare. Baber & Faber, 1946, p.75.


It was absolutely contrary to international law. ~ Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. The British Government would never resort to the deliberate attack on women and children for the purposes of mere terrorism.”  ~ Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain before being ousted as Prime Minister.


“The construction of bombing airplanes would soon be abandoned as superfluous and ineffective if bombing as such were branded as an illegal barbarity.  If through the Red Cross Convention, it definitely turned out possible to prevent the killing of a defenseless wounded man or prisoner, then it ought to be equally possible, by analogous convention, and finally to stop the bombing of equally defenseless civil populations.” ~ German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.


This is an absurd lie: Dresden, an undefended city of no military importance was a turkey-shoot for RAF Bomber Command. However, in action elsewhere, Butcher Harris’s airborne killers lost 88,000 crew:

“The third and last phase of the British air offensive against Germany began in March 1942 with the adoption of the Lindemann Plan by the British War Cabinet, and continued with undiminished ferocity until the end of the war in May 1945.

The bombing during this period was not, as the Germans complained, indiscriminate.  On the contrary; it was concentrated on working class houses because, as Professor Lindemann maintained, a higher percentage of bloodshed per ton of explosives dropped could be expected from bombing houses built close together, rather than by bombing higher class houses surrounded by gardens.” ~ Advance to Barbarism, F. J. P Veale, British Author and Jurist.

“I am in full agreement (of terror bombing).  I am all for the bombing of working-class areas in German cities.  I am a Cromwellian, I believe in ‘slaying in the name of the Lord!”   ~ Sir. Archibald Sinclair, British RAF Secretary for Air (above)


The Luftwaffe bombing of the English city of Coventry is often cited when the justification for the bombing campaign is sought.  It has since been disclosed that the bombing of the city was deliberately set up as ‘a means to an end’.

Coventry lost 100 acres through bombing during the entire period of the war. By contrast, “In those terrible ten days of mid-1943, British bombers gutted more than six thousand acres of Hamburg.” ~ Martin Caidin.

Three hundred times as many people died in the German city of Hamburg during the ten-day blitz as died in Coventry during the entire course of the war so was hardly comparative.


It is one of the greatest triumphs of modern emotional engineering that, in spite of the plain facts of the case which could never be disguised or even materially distorted, the British public, throughout the Blitz Period (1940 – 1941), remained convinced that the entire responsibility for their sufferings it was undergoing rested on the German leaders.

Too high praise cannot, therefore, be lavished on the British emotional engineers (media and palace publishers) for the infinite skill with which the public mind was conditioned prior to and during a period of unparalleled strain.” ~ Advance to Barbarism, P. 168. Mitre Press, London. F. J. P Veale, British Jurist.

                          collage_Death of city


During World War 2 more bombs by weight were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war.  All German towns and cities above 50,000 populations were from 50% to 80% destroyed.

The great city of Dresden dubbed the Florence of Northern Europe was incinerated with up to 300,000 civilians burned and buried in the ruins. Hamburg was destroyed and 70,000 civilians died in the most appalling circumstances whilst the ancient City of Cologne was turned into a moonscape.

German and European cities incinerated include Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Bremen, Wuppertal, Vienna, Duisburg. Munich, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kiel, Gelsdenkirchen, Bochum, Aachen, Wurzburg, Darmstadt, Krefeld, Munster, Munchen Gladbach, Braunschweig, Ludwishafen, Remscheid, Pforzheim, Osnabruck, Mainz, Bielefeld, Gieben, Duren, Solingen, Wilhelmshaven, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen, Heilbronn, Augsburg, Hamm, Knittelfeld, Luneburg, Cuxhaven, Kulmback, Hagen, Saarbrucken, Freiburg, Graz, Koblenz, Ulm, Bonn, Bremerhaven, Wanne-Eickel, Worms, Lubeck, Schweinfurt, Kleve, Wiener Neustadt, Wiesbaden, Paderborn, Bocholt, Hanau, Hildesheim, Emden, Siegen, Pirmasons, Hale, Bayreuth, Kreuznach, Witten, Aschaffenburg, Kaiserlautern, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Innsbruck, Neumunster, Linz, Klagenfurt, Reutlingen, Recklinghausen, Reuel, Regensburg, Homberg, Elmshorn, Wetzel, Villach, Hamelin, Konigsberg, Moers, Passau, Solbad Hall I. T, Coburg, Attnang-Puchheim, Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt-Oder, Danzig, Bozen, Chemnitz, Rostock,  Schwerte, Plauen, Rome, Bad Kreuznach, Neapel, Genoa, Mailand, Turin.

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WORSE THAN HIROSHIMA, NAGASAKI, AND TOKYO FIRESTORMS “The fire and horror lasted ten full days.  This is what makes Hamburg, and the loss of some seventy thousand men, women and children stand out as the worst of the disasters visited upon civilization during the insanity of World War 2.” ~ Martin Caidin, prolific Writer, Scientist and Aeronautical Specialist.

IT IS RECOMMENDED that readers use this information to respond to media comments that exonerate or launder, lie and confuse about this vexed subject.


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