ISIS claims attacks Brussels; case closed on the same day.

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As usual after a false flag attack no mainstream presstitute “journalist” asks the right and very relevant simple questions emanating from the once investigative instinct of a journalist. Why would that be? Only in the “alternative” media are these questions asked. That fact alone makes the disgusting role of the so called journalist treasonous and should be treated as so.

The first question which is ALWAYS asked in a criminal investigation is: who benefits from the crime, in other words; who has a motive? From the entire spectrum of potential perpetrators the last group we find here are Muslims. Besides the fact that real Muslims do not kill innocent people:

Whoever kills an innocent…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

their countries are being completely destroyed as a result of these ongoing false flag attacks. WE killed over 5 million(!) innocent Muslims based on lies in illegal wars since 9/11. So muslims can be ruled out of the list of suspects, in any case they are last on the list. Another standard protocol in a real criminal investigation is complete silence in the first few months towards the public and media. Yet after these kind of terror attacks the perpetrators are made public on the same day often within the first hour and the case is closed. After the Paris attacks speaking doll Hollande announced within 24 hours after the attacks that France was going to bomb Syria based on the ever reoccurring blunders by the highly professional terrorists of leaving passports on the crime scene and shouting ISIS and Allah Akbar just before dying. Francois Hollande is practicing acts of state terrorism in your face and no mainstream journalist dares to question this insanity.

Any person who has a little knowledge of synthetic terrorism and how intelligence agencies operate knows that it is completely impossible to organize a professional multi terror attack like we saw happening in Brussels today, completely out of sight of the intelligence agencies. Logistically, financially, operationally and technically impossible. Especially in the capital of NATO itself. It is truly staggering that no one questions this ridiculous narrative from an objective standpoint. And if a multi terror attack like this by some desperate jihadi’s would be possible than we can immediately end the whole bullshit war on terror and all surveillance insanity, because it keeps failing miserably.

Again the same elements benefit from these attacks and those are: the globalists, and their surveillance states with their dreams of a totally controlled police state world, the military industrial complex, the warmongers in Washington and Tel Aviv who want more wars and the bankers who profit viciously on this madness. And what a coincidence that part of all the failing solutions for the created problems are more destructive wars in the Middle East that by accident are an exact copy of the blueprint for the “Greater Israel Project”.


It is in the public domain that ISIS (by accident coincides with Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is nothing more than a US-Zionist proxy terror group. It has nothing to do with Islam. It is funded, trained and controlled by Mossad/CIA and a few psychopathic monarchies in the Middle East. And any journalist who did some research on the long false flag history of Israel/USA/UK would ask questions about this. But they prefer treason and are shit scared to ask the relevant questions because then they might lose the pathetic illusionary security of their job and status.

Clearly to speak out on these issues is taboo in the mainstream media, just as any critical question is on the most blatant false flag attack ever; the attacks on 9/11 in NY. We all know that back then Al Qaida was a 100% creation of the CIA and still serves the same masters today. And any sane person knows that the narrative of the 19 muslim hijackers is utter crap, yet no mainstream journalist dares to confront any one in power with these lies on which the bullshit endless war on terror is based. Even despite the fact that this phony war caused the loss of all our rights and freedoms.

It is up to us, the people, to ask the real and relevant questions and do our own research to be able to think for ourselves. Humanity is betrayed and is being pushed over the cliff by despicable corrupt politicians and “journalists” who sold their souls for a front row seat in their own destruction. Watch the solutions on this one,  the real terrorists they are fighting are all those who are awake and take responsibility. Shutting down the internet and arresting any one who does not accept the view of the government is right around the block. All for our protection.

Love&Light , JM

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  • Riborg Andersen
    March 24, 2016, 12:49 pm  

    Yes, indeed. This is one to watch. Certainly ticks some boxes already. It always intrigues me that the so-called terrorists arrested can be defamed and have their names published and photos published in the media as though their guilt had already been established. Whatever happened to the concept of innocent till proven guilty? For far too many people it is more like guilty, until proven guilty, or guilty until dead. Often wonder what Bin Laden would have said had he had the opportunity to have a trial? Reminds me of comments made by my students in China in the 1980’s who struggled with western concepts of legal process… “Surely the police wouldn’t arrest them unless they WERE guilty.” After watching mass media reports recently, I feel that many young westerners would be asking the same thing. The onus has now become to establishing innocence, not establishing guilt…,at least in the court of public opinion, fed by a mass media which is far too willing to go with the script provided.

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