The Occulted Universal laws of Morality and the free Will choice for tyranny or freedom

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Why do we see an ongoing deteriorating condition of the collective human experience manifesting on the screen of Life in the form of more tyranny, slavery and suffering?

Only a dramatic shift in human consciousness can stop the fall of humanity in the totalitarian abyss. A deep understanding of the causal factors that have led to the current deplorable human condition is needed to be able to change the direction. Human behavior which is chosen with our free Will determines the quality of the condition of the experience that is given by the Universe based on that choice.

Understanding the Universal principles of Morality provides us with the master key for the prison door locks in our own consciousness and in the Universe.

Subjects to be discussed:

  • The Universal Laws of Morality and how it comes to expression in our lives.
  • Mind control and the new-age virus.
  • Society as a Satanic cult.
  • The dynamic of Fear and Love in our consciousness.

This presentation addresses how a dark occult priest class manipulates human consciousness with their deep knowledge of the human psyche and the Universal Spiritual laws of Morality. Occult mind sorcerers use this deep knowledge, and the ignorance of that same knowledge by most of humanity on the other side, to have us engaging in certain behavior that will create the dark reality they desire. We, ourselves, are actually creating the things we do not want through our actions and behavior. Knowledge of the Occult and its workings through our consciousness will help us understand who we really are and how we create the reality we have to experience that is based on our free Will choices. Knowledge of the objective difference between Moral Right and wrong behavior according Natural law principles, and then choosing for Right action with our free Will can positively change the reality that we create by our free Will choices.

Because the different themes take too much time to go in depth, I have chosen for different formats depending on the preference. Either in the form of a presentation (about 2 hours plus Q&A) or in the form of a seminar (4 to 6 hours plus Q&A)

Mind control, human consciousness, Natural Universal Moral Law, and the “external” worldly situation are the four core topics of the talks. But it depends all on the requests, it is not a fixed thing.

If you are interested to organize something because of this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can brainstorm and discuss the options further. I try to work on donation basis and there is no minimum number of participants required.


Willem Felderhof

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