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Date: March 6, 2017

Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist and photographer. Her accurate and on the ground reporting from Syria, and especially in Eastern Aleppo when it was liberated by the Syrian army and their Russian allies from NATO/Israeli and gulfstate sponsored terror groups, exposed the treasonous role of Western mainstream media. The shameful lies that have been spread by most Western MSM outlets regarding the situation in Syria (and other parts of the region) were viciously revealed. Brave and ongoing Truthful reporting by independent journalists like Vanessa demystified the true face of the MSM, that mainly serve as propaganda tools to push Western imperialistic aggressive war agenda’s which are the cause of the horrific suffering of the people in Syria and numerous other countries in the region.

The Dutch government is actively funding and supporting proxy terror groups by funding the “White Helmets” and NATO war crimes. This despicable treason and the horrific suffering of the Syrian people as a result of that, should enrage the Dutch citizens. And even more it must mobilize the Dutch citizens to take rightful responsibility and act accordingly.

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