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Date: May 4, 2017

Curtis Duncan is a holistic health and weight loss experts. He has spent close to a 12 years doing his own independent research on health and wellness. His areas of expertise include holistic health, the Emotional Freedom Technique, self-love and esteem, Vitamin D and the benefits of sunlight exposure, nutrition, the dangers of environmental chemicals and GMOs, natural remedies, weight loss, the dangers of stress, women’s and men’s health, preventing and curing disease, the dangers of Western Medicine and pharmaceuticals, sexuality, sexual health, and food and health conspiracies.

He has a deep understanding of the politics and business of obesity and “disease”, how our predatory economic system makes people sick, the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and conventional medical treatments, and the fraudulent global Medical Monopoly and their conspiracy to make humanity sick and so they can make endless profits at individual’s and society’s expense.

In this interview Curtis talks about the preponderance of synthetic estrogen-like chemicals that have been introduced into our lives over the course of decades, supposedly giving us a better quality of life through chemistry. These same chemicals will also have the side effect of blocking testosterone in men. The side effects of these chemicals account for spikes in cancer in women, as well as impotence in men, along with many other results such as undescended testicles and the creation of homosexuality. This is for the benefit of the population control eugenicists who wish to increase homosexuality to decrease the world’s population. In particular, they wish to decrease the population of certain ethnic groups. He’ll also discuss how to protect yourself and your family from these chemicals, how to avoid them, how to remove them from your bodies.

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