Sexual Marxism, another poisonous alchemical ingredient from the Kabbalistic mind destruction laboratory.

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By Willem Felderhof

There are two predominant forces at work in our reality; sorcery and magic.

Sorcery is the alchemical art and science to achieve change in accordance with the egocentric and twisted will of the sorcerer. It is the manipulating power applied by the ancient Pharisees, the Talmudic rabbis of today.

Magic is the alchemical art and science to achieve change in accordance with the divine Will of the Creator. Magic is the gift of potential power applied by the magicians of today. We are these magicians if we can reach a higher state of consciousness and through that are able to reach our full potential given to us by the Creator. To apply magic however we have to address our core quality which is novelty, the ability to create something new or unusual. And to access that core quality we have to neutralize our weakest quality which is naiveté as our guide. Naiveté; the cause of the habit of doing the same thing over and over again with no real change for the better as the result.

Through sorcery (a form of spiritual engineering) we are disconnected from the essence of who we really are and we have identified ourselves with that which we are not. This is the root cause of the co-dependent nature of our being with dysfunctional external dependent belief systems, like Messianism and Millenarianism, as a result. Whether it be Jewish, Islamic or Christian, Messianism is a codependent expression of a fractured soul seeking for salvation.

Jesus said “I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also: and greater things shall he do for I go to my Father.” John 14:12. Might it be that he was referring to our core quality of novelty and with that find something in ourselves and not in the external that could free us of our suffering and thus enables us to tap into our full potential?

Trapped in the Talmudic matrix of the flesh

The essence of the human being for the Talmudic rabbis is the flesh or the physical body where the essence of our being for Christians is the Soul. “For the mind set on the on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

To keep us trapped in and attached to the Talmudic carnal matrix, Kabbalistic sorcerers use multiple tools from the shelves of their alchemical human behavior factory. The major one of course is the Babylonian usury money system and a good second one is the pharmaceutical industry.

The word pharmacy is derived from the Greek word Pharmakeia and the Greek dictionary defines it as: “witchcraft, sorcery, the use of spells and potions of magic, often involving drugs–a black magic spell. In other words, poison for the body and mind.”

Another example of Kabbalistic sorcery is the false assertion that people are inherently Leftist or Rightist. The rigged Left-Right dichotomy is a Kabbalistic invention that is mentioned in medieval rabbinic texts. It was injected into the collective psyche and political arenas during the French revolution in 1789. The Kabbalistic Left/Right illusion is reflected in the Left/Right seating arrangement at the French National Assembly and in most current governmental settings.

All the numerous different Kabbalistic tools applied by the Talmudic tyrants have one thing in common; they all can only have its working effect as a spell on the same condition; if the gullible goyim believe in it. And here you have it, our weakest quality, naiveté; the belief in something that is not or having or showing a lack of experience, understanding or sophistication, often in a context where one neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism.

Talmudization of the Goyim

Marxism is the product of a Talmudic mindset. You have to be familiar with the filth in the Babylonian Talmud that is used to indoctrinate the majority of so called Jews to understand the extreme forms of degeneracy and evil they endorse and that we accept and normalize through the process of the Talmudization of the Goyim.

To get a feel of the insanity of the content in the rabbi’s holy book check the following video. Yossi Gurvitz, a former Talmud (yeshiva) student exposes the racism, homicide and child molestation-advocacy in the Babylonian Talmud. He also reveals Judaism’s sympathy for Islam and its undying hatred for Christianity.

For those who label me an anti-Semite, I am not, although that word has little or no meaning at all because the use of that word is merely a worn out form of word sorcery used to silence any criticism towards wrong and harmful Jewish behavior. Besides that, anti-Semitism is merely a hoax. 

And in my eyes there is nothing more powerful than Jews speaking out against the Holohoax or against the harmful behavior and lies of Talmudic Jews that have infected their tribe.

It is Talmudic Rabbinic Judaism that is the root cause of ever deteriorating conditions we have to endure in this mutant reality. And it is Talmudic Kabbalistic Jews who own the instruments of power that enables them to control the minds of humanity and by systematic creation of suffering and grievances in order to exploit them for their agenda of world domination.

But I do not consider them as Jews as they are not. Their sorcery is anti-life, anti-Christ and anti-Love, coincidently exactly in line with the rabbinic sacred books that teach the savagely racist Talmudic doctrine towards non Jews.

They are without question the ones Jesus warned us for:

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, but thou art rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

Marxism is deadly poison for the mind

Marxism thrives on the engineered division between different parts of society. Both classical Marxists and cultural Marxists view history as a series of struggles that divide the world into hostile groups of oppressors and the oppressed. This is a false reflection of reality and is merely the expression of the fractured consciousness of a Talmudic mindset projected on the goyim. Accusatory inversion is one of the symptoms of the pathology of a Talmudic mindset.

Marxists seek out pseudo victim groups as the anointed group that will serve as the redeemer group. The victim group becomes the patsy agent for emancipation in ushering in the new and better world. Marxists always are in a never ending search for the victim class which, in turn, must always be made aware of its victimization. Marxists propagate that the “victim’s consciousness must be raised but in reality its consciousness is being shut down through engineered identification with something they are not.

In classical Marxism, the victim group was the Proletariat, the factory worker. In cultural Marxism the “victim” groups are endless: homosexuals, transgenders, non whites, women, Muslims, Jews; you can come up with anything you like simply have them identify with it by presenting it as a suppressed minority that needs more rights for protection against the evil oppressor which in most cases is presented as the White man.

The Talmudic Jewish doctrine of Marxism repudiates the aristocratic principles of Nature. It denies the individual worth of the human personality, impugns the healthy teaching that nationhood and race have a primary significance, and by doing this it takes away the very foundations of human existence and civilization. If poisonous Marxist teachings were to be accepted in any form as the foundation of human society, it would lead to the disappearance of all natural order. Should the Rabbinic sorcerers, with the aid of their Marxist creed, triumph over humanity, the crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. (1)

One of the many byproducts of the current collapse of the Talmudic mutant matrix we call Western civilization is the ever escalating degeneration, debauchery and perversion, and the normalization of pathology, moral decay and most of all the absence of any moral principles or common sense. Or better said, conscience; the application of knowledge between right and wrong behavior. Almost all natural aspects of life have been perverted, inverted and weaponized against us.

At a very young age I was confronted with pornography which poisoned my mind in such a way that it had a highly destructive effect for a great part on my life. This poison had a devastating effect on my private life and back then we did not even have the internet or the utter disgusting garbage our children are being confronted with on the internet and the tel-lie-vision today. But despite the grave consequences it had on my life, having been firmly in the grips of Satan gave me a deeper understanding of the working dynamics of the evil it produces. It is not possible that evil can be studied from above downwards.

“The man who has never been in the clutches of that crushing viper can never know what its poison is. An attempt to study it in any other way will result only in superficial talk and sentimental delusions. Both are harmful. The first because it can never go to the root of the question, the second because it evades the question entirely. What is more nefarious: to ignore evil, as do the majority of the willful ignorant servers of Satan who have been corrupted by fortune and those who have risen in the social scale through their own routine free range slave labor, or the equally supercilious and often tactless but always genteel condescension displayed by political correct libtards who plume themselves on being tolerant and ‘sympathizing with the people.”(2)

Understanding what and who the source is for all this poisonous degrading garbage  is a great help to free myself out of the claws of Satan and its spells. Today’s political correct establishment is debating about the necessity to censor fake news and revisionist outlets on the internet because it supposedly can have a harmful effect on the minds of our children. Yes, it is very harmful when children start to think critically for themselves. If it is really about the safety and protection of our children, why is there no outcry and censorship but total silence regarding the overload of the most disgusting and degrading forms of pornography and violence still freely accessible all over the internet, Talmud Vision and all around us?

The simple answer is that the same tribe that uses pornographic poison to destroy the moral foundations of society is in control of the mass media.

Sexual Marxism and the destruction of Western societies

I derived the term Sexual Marxism from the term Sexual Bolshevism because in its core it is Marxist poison that our minds and society have been infected with. Sexual Bolshevism is nothing else than Sexual Perversion. As of December 2014, even Metapedia changed the term “Sexual Bolshevism” to “Sexual revolution” because it was considered too extreme. They also deleted large chunks of information regarding homosexual recruitment, Jews running the pornography industry, and of Talmudic Jews inventing the sexual revolution, pseudo sexual science and psychoanalysis as means to destroy Western cultures.

The engineered concept sexual revolution is “the most obvious culprit” underlying the decline in the importance of marriage and its concomitant increase in low-investment parenting:

What is striking about the 1960s “sexual revolution,” as it has properly been called, is how revolutionary it was, in sensibility as well as reality. In 1965, 69 percent of American women and 65 percent of men under the age of thirty said that premarital sex was always or almost always wrong; by 1972, these figures had plummeted to 24 percent and 21 percent. In 1990, only 6 percent of British men and women under the age of thirty-four believed that it was always or almost always wrong.

Talmudic fingerprints all over the perversion in Weimar Germany

Sexual Bolshevism is a term used by German National Socialists as a snarl word for sexual permissiveness in general, and now by those who know that the gay/transgender/pedophilia agendas are being led by Bolsheviks, Communists or Talmudic Jews in general, as part of a greater Luciferian conspiracy promoting cultural Marxism and degeneracy in order to undermine the principles of Morality and Nature itself. The phrase originated in Weimar Germany in the 1920s, and was coined by Pastor Ludwig Hoppe of Berlin. When the National Socialists in Germany came into being after the disastrous failures of the Weimar government, they used the term “Sexual Bolshevism” to refer to perceived sexual degeneracy, in particular homosexuality.

Sexual Marxism encompasses a pattern of degenerate sexual behavior in human beings. Sexual perversion includes the ridiculous promotion of homosexualism, pedophilia, miscegenation, transsexualism, bestiality and necrophilia. Along with third-world miscegenation and abortion, homosexuality is a primary perversion promoted in society, under the guise of “tolerance”, “equality” and “diversity” as part of a rival Jewish supremacist strategy to attack ethnic European demographics.

This Luciferian Kabbalistic (“do as thou wilt”) reality slowly started with homosexuality becoming acceptable but has become a runaway liberal monster train heading for justifying and normalizing pedophilia, which eventually will lead to accepting bestiality and necrophilia in the near future.

The minds in America, Europe, Australia are poisoned, Cultural Marxism and its tenet of sexual Marxism is the best mind weapon the Talmudic Jew has ever used so far, after realizing straight forward Communism will not win; yet.

The perverted curriculum of the Frankfurt school

After the failure of state-communism and ethnic Europeans largely rejecting the attempt by the Judeo-Bolsheviks to enslave and destroy gentile society, radical Jewish supremacists molded the the Sexual Bolsheviks in participants in identity politics currents, such as third-world immigrants and radical feminists. In the area of the homosexual agenda; inspired by the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School, a group of US-based Jews developed a variation of critical theory. The critical theory was simple: criticize every pillar of Western culture—family, democracy, common law, freedom of speech, religion and others with the goal of crumbling these pillars under the pressure

Theodor Adorno, Talmudic Jew and one of the founders of the Frankfurt school co-authored the book “The Authoritarian Personality” in which he redefined traditional views on gender roles and sexual mores as ‘prejudice.’ The essence of Adorno’s message was to normalize pathology and to label normal healthy things as parenthood, love of one’s own country, pride of one’s family, Christianity, traditional gender roles and attitudes towards sex all as forms of psychopathology.

It is the filth of the Talmudic curriculum of the Frankfurt School which is poisoning the minds of our children through the curriculums of the pubic school systems and universities that are infected by the Frankfurt school’s cultural Marxist doctrine.

Same fingerprints all over Dutch Sodom and Gomorrah

As a Dutch citizen I have always wondered how it came to be that this tiny little country is one of the epic centers for all forms of debauchery, sexual perversion, legal drug use, and other corollaries of liberal extremism. How could it be that Amsterdam was identified as the major source of child pornography materials, including video films, illustrated books and magazines, that flooded the world. The Netherlands was the only country in Western Europe that had not outlawed child pornography until 1986(!) and only due to pressure from countries abroad.

The Dutch tolerant and “open minded” version of Sodom and Gomorrah was responsible for 50% of the production of child pornography. How and when did this moral decay and perversion find its roots in my homeland? And how could such a small country manage to become one of the most powerful colonial empires in history with the biggest harbor and today one of the biggest airports in the world? Was that all the result of the so called Dutch commercial spirit, or was there another hidden element in the remarkable rise and collapse of the Dutch power house?

In his book (now 200 euro’s on Amazon)  “Millenarianism and Messianism in English Literature and Thought, 1650-1800” Richard Popkin writes:

“The Jews’ potential usefulness to the development of a forward colonial and commercial foreign policy was an additional reason for English interest in them. As early as 1643 Jews in the Netherlands were said to be financing British Parliament. Their command of bullion was enormous; they controlled the Spanish and Portuguese trades; the Levant trade was largely in their hands; they were interested in developing commerce with the East and West Indies. To governments they were useful as contractors and as spies. If the ambitious scheme for Anglo-Dutch union put forward by the Commonwealth in 1661 had come off, then the Jews in the Netherlands would have been taken together with the Dutch colonial empire and its trade. When the Dutch refused to be incorporated into the British Empire, Dutch merchants were to totally excluded from all British possessions by the Navigation Act of 1651. This development made many Jews in the Netherlands—especially those trading with the West Indies—anxious to transfer to London: and it redoubled the interest of the English government in attracting them there. The policy paid off: Jewish intelligence helped the preparations for Cromwell’s Western Design of 1655.”

Check for more on the Jewish Kabbalistic roots in the Netherlands 

It was expelled Talmudic Marrano Jews that flooded Amsterdam in the late 15th  and early 16th century that later financed the Dutch East Indies Company as well as the first Central bank and stock market in Amsterdam. And it was Jews that dominated the slave trade. 

Court Jews

While it is of crucial importance to understand that the perversion and destruction of Dutch, Western societies and the world in general has its roots in Talmudic Kabbalistic Judaism, even more important and much more relevant is the answer on the question how and when WE as so called sinless species were infected by it. We can blame “the Jews” for all the misery and suffering we have to endure as much as we want. It is however, us that ignored the threat and let it happen to be compromised and infected by their poisonous doctrines. To understand when and how that happened it is important to get familiar with the role of court Jews that were of personal service to the so called nobility in Europe. That nobility, aristocracy, and kings and queens all over Europe, that were supposed to be the guardians of the principles of morality and Truth for the protection of the humble (or naïve) citizens, perverted the principles of Morality by collaborating with the Talmudic court-Jews for their own selfish interests.

Perversion by definition is a type of human behavior that deviates from that which is understood to be orthodox, natural or normal.

In the early modern period, a court Jew, or court factor (German: Hofjude, Hoffaktor), was a Jewish banker (mostly a rabbi) who handled the finances of, or lent money to, European royalty and nobility. In return for their services, court Jews gained social privileges, including in some cases being granted noble status. Court Jews were needed because prohibitions against usury applied to Christians by law but did not apply to Jews. Well that says it all doesn’t it, apparently these Jews are above the law and the principles on which they are based. That’s because their twisted doctrine of the Babylonian Talmud teaches them that they, as God’s chosen people, are above God’s law and even have the right to make laws for the Goyim. The personal relationship between the prince and the Court Jew was based not only on common interests but also on the isolation in which both lived: the prince in his omnipotence and inaccessibility and the Court Jew because of his descent and “religion.”

Medieval princes used the commercial and financial services of individual Jews. However, as an institution, the Court Jew is a feature of the absolutist state, especially in Central Europe, from the end of the 16th century onward. Trying as far as possible to extend his power over the whole of his territory, the ruler set up a centralized administration as part of his court, which at the same time became the power center, presenting a lavish display of luxury. Economically, a Jew could be of great service to such a ruler. In Poland many landed estates were administered by Jews and a large part of the trade in agricultural products was in their hands. This, combined with the emergence of early Jewish capitalist commercial activity by Sephardim in the Netherlands, with their connections with Levantine trade through Jews in the Ottoman Empire, made the Jew in Central Europe particularly suited to be an agent for provisioning armies with grain, timber, and cattle, as well as a supplier of diamonds and other goods for conspicuous consumption. As tax-collecting and enlargement of the scope of taxation often lagged considerably behind the growing expenditure of court, army, and bureaucracy, this type of regime developed an almost chronic financial deficit. Here the Jews with their organizational skill and their far-reaching connections could help, through the frequent supply of commercial credit or ready cash, as also through the supply of foodstuffs, drugs, cloth, and weapons for the army, the most important instrument of the prince’s power.

So here we have it, the basis for the Talmudic destructive doctrine that would run amok and poisoned the world, lies in the faith and trust WE put in corrupt so called kings, nobility, aristocracy and what more. And that is not only in opposition with Bible Teachings but also the result of our engineered codependent nature which core characteristic is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity and safety.

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man in whom there is no help.” Psalm 146:3


To be continued………………

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