Srebrenica — neither massacre, nor genocide, but a political fraud to justify NATO war crimes.

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Srebrenica — neither massacre, nor genocide, but a political fraud to justify NATO war crimes.

“After 14 years of investigating events that took place in Srebrenica in 1995 I can attest there was no genocide over Muslims in that enclave — the myth about the massacre of Muslims was invented by the late Bosnian Muslim war leader Alija Izetbegović and then-U.S. president Bill Clinton”, Swiss researcher Alexander Dorin, author of the books Srebrenica — die Geschichte eines salonfahigen Rassismus) and “Srebrenica , what really happened” told Belgrade Daily Press in an exclusive interview.

He added that, contrary to the popular mythology still dominating Western mainstream media, Muslims who lost their lives in Srebrenica were grown men rather than “boys”, and have been gunned down while fighting against the Bosnian Serb Army. Which, as he points out, can in no way be equated with a massacre, let alone “genocide”.

dorin-srebrenicaAfter many years of investigating the war events in and around Srebrenica, I have reached a definite conclusion that there was no genocide. In July 1995, as the town was being taken over by the Serb forces, some 2,000 Muslim men lost their lives — not 8,000 as the Bosnian Muslim propaganda machinery claims, with the backing of certain Western politicians and media. Those 2,000 men fell in a battle against the Serbian Army, while they were breaking through to Tuzla. “Srebrenica genocide” is Izetbegović’s and Clinton’s invention.

In order to be able to claim that the “genocide” was committed, and since they didn’t have enough bodies to back the initial claim of 8,000 allegedly killed Muslims, they listed as Srebrenica victims a number of Bosnian Muslim fighters who died long before Srebrenica takeover, or were shot down in other battles during the civil war, from 1992-1995. The list of the alleged Srebrenica victims also contains the names of those who are still alive. In the 1996 Bosnian elections, the electoral lists contained some 3,000 Bosnian Muslims who were also listed as “Srebrenica victims”. This further underlines the fact that so-called Hague Tribunal still has no evidence of “Srebrenica genocide”.

Srebrenica is a small town in the East of the former Yugoslavian republic (and today the state, founded with a baptism of fire by NATO) of Bosnia-Herzegovina, an enclave in the Serbian area of settlement inhabited mostly by Muslims until the mid-1990s.

But Srebrenica was more: in the constituent republic which was soon to be occupied by UN and NATO troops and torn by civil war, it was a (pseudo-) demilitarised “safe area”, installed by the occupying powers, in addition to Žepa, Goražde, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Bihać. All of these “safe areas” were located in areas inhabited mostly by Serbs but were under UN or (which is the same thing) NATO control. Under the protection of the foreign occupying forces, the Muslims, who were anything but “demilitarised”, being equipped with modern weapons (who were also described in the witness statements from surviving Serbs as “Ustaša” or “Turks”), launched attacks on the surrounding Serbian villages, whose inhabitants they manhandled bestially, tortured and slaughtered. This happened in the area around Srebrenica from 1992 until the summer of 1995, when Serb forces took the town without a fight (!), and the crimes committed against Serbian civilians have remained unpunished to this day.

But Srebrenica is even more: it is, when Western politicians and their aligned, US-controlled media mention its name, a topos charged with powerful emotions, a gruesome, bloodthirsty metaphor, in which racism, fascism, genocide, chauvinism, imperial nationalism, ethnic cleansing, mass rape – in short, all of the tried and tested labels for politically correct baiting of the last two decades – are not only uttered, but shouted deafeningly into one’s ears. And let it be noted: the Serb is always the murderer, just like in World War I, just like in Hitler’s invasion of Yugoslavia, and now for the third and presumably last time. The US Empire and its vassals have achieved the perversion of facts that allows the Serbs, instead of being, as they were, the victims of a genocide perpetrated by the Catholic Church and the Nazis, to be portrayed as a fascist people of perpetrators. Clinton, former German SPD Chancellor Schröder and former Green Foreign Minister Fischer are the political executors of Hitler’s legacy.

“Srebrenica” in its official version is a propaganda lie that will not become the truth however loudly and frequently it is repeated. What the Sender Gleiwitz was to the Nazis, the little town of Srebrenica is to NATO.

In proportion to the size of this lie is the scale of the crime itself, which was only made possible by the lie in the first place; it can only be compared with the allegedly murdered incubator babies and the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As was taking place at the same time in Iraq, tens of thousands of people fell victim to the economic sanctions that had been imposed on Serbia since 1992. In spring 1999, the remains of Yugoslavia was bombed for eleven weeks by NATO, and then the historical and religious core of Serbia, the Amselfeld (“Kosovo”), was amputated, occupied and, in violation of the relevant UN stipulations, which guaranteed the territorial integrity of the rump of Yugoslavia, “released into independence”. milosevic-icty-400x255Now, 20 years later, this lie is being warmed up again, because now it is time to pass judgements on both the political and military leadership of the Serbs and ordinary combatants in show trials in The Hague, conducted by the victors and bury them alive for decades in prisons – provided, of course, that they have not already died there under dubious circumstances. And the world will discover, apart from the bawling in the obligatory five-minute hate broadcast, nothing of importance, least of all on the internet. It is ghostly: Radovan Karadžić or Vojislav Šešelji, whose adherents number millions, mutate into media monsters, stereotypes of terror. The ruling class has undoubtedly learned since the Nazis’ debacle in the Reichstag fire trial of Georgi Dimitroff et al: the lying runs like clockwork, and technology makes it possible worldwide.

Srebrenica, as it really was: one of hundreds of war zones in Bosnia-Herzegovina, torn apart by the civil war between catholic Croats, orthodox Serbs and Muslims forcibly converted under Turkish rule. Just like the Nazis, the US imperialists subjugated the country by using the Islamic-Catholic axis, and the lie ruled right from the start: the Bosnian Serbs are supposed to have killed more than 250,000, while it has been proved that a total of between 30,000 and 60,000 people of all the parties to the civil war died; the evil, evil Serbs are supposed to have “systematically mass-raped” 60,000 women, no, 40,000, no, 20,000, until finally 119 documented cases remained (without the Serbian rape victims, of course) etc., etc. The propaganda “Srebrenica” is to a certain degree the generic term of this orgy of lies that has been raining down on our heads for years. There was fighting in the real Srebrenica too – of course, one almost is willing to say – resulting in about 2000 Muslims dying in battle. There are serious studies that exist on this matter, none more exemplary than that presented by the co-author of this documentation, Alexander Dorin (‘Srebrenica – Die Geschichte eines salonfähigen Rassismus’, Berlin 2010), the Bulgarian Germinal Civikov and several others. Admittedly, their voices are faint, which is inevitable under a worldwide regime of censorship.

albright-clinton-izetThe entire Srebrenica narrative has been provided key support by Western mainstream media, headed by the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and the mainstream British, German and French media, who have laced their Balkan reporting throughout the years with references to the “Srebrenica genocide,” calling it, among other things, the “worst atrocity in Europe since World War II,” a “stain on the conscience of the West,” etc. From the very beginning, numerous dissenting voices both in the West and in ex-Yugoslavia have contested both the Western mass media claims and the ICTY Srebrenica-connected verdicts, but have received almost no publicity whatsoever.

Before the propaganda “Srebrenica” there were real crimes committed in the same region, which have been suppressed, kept silent, covered up, swept under the carpet: because they were committed against Serbs. And these are what the book of Alexander Dorin and Zoran Jovanovic, “Srebrenica , what really happened” is about.  Zoran died on July 13, 2013, just ten hours after he reported that he managed to buy two videos, which according to Jovanovic’s words, presented the “evidence to demolish the myth of Srebrenica.” Zoran Jovanovic, paid the truth on Srebrenica with his life, according to Dorin’s words.

Following relentless intimidation campaigns against him, Alexander was kidnapped in June this year during the 20 year anniversary of Srebrenica, by the Swiss police and held without any charges for 16 weeks in solitary confinement.

Alexander Dorin and Zoran Jovanovic have spared neither effort or time, nor money in their years of painstaking research in order to bring the denied facts to light. What they have brought to light is horrendous but none the less true for that.  “Srebrenica, what really happened” is a must read, especially for the Dutch people who were lied to in a disgusting way. The misplaced feelings of guilt brought on to the Dutch people by their deeply corrupt politicians, who shit in their pants for their Talmudic Imperialist masters, can be put aside and make place for healthy anger in order to hold the prostitute cowards in the Dutch government accountable for ongoing treason against their people. And in that light the so called royal Dutch family will be the first in line to face charges of high treason.

For more information on the lies around Srebrenica check:

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  • Stein Bauge
    April 13, 2016, 11:08 am  

    Any idea of Mr.Dorin’s present status?

    • April 13, 2016, 3:25 pm

      Hi Stein, Alexander Dorin is fine and doing good after his detainment. Thanks for asking. JM

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