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THE Plan: Militarized Control of Population
Willem Felderhof | 1 June

By Manlio Dinucci The Rockefeller Foundation, which has historical ties to the US federal government, has presented a national plan

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Het dragen van gezichtsmaskers veroorzaakt ernstige risico’s voor gezonde mensen
Willem Felderhof | 18 May

Dr. Russell Blaylock waarschuwt dat gezichtsmaskers geen bescherming bieden tegen ziekten of infecties, maar dat ze juist ernstige gezondheidsrisico’s voor

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Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity
Willem Felderhof | 23 April

by Jon Rappoport “Where are the kids?” “They went out for a walk.” “Call the drone patrol.” Night in the

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Is Amnesia a Symptom of Covid-19?
Willem Felderhof | 22 April

By Gilad Atzmon I ask because just three years ago the USA experienced one of its most severe influenza outbreaks

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Covid-19 immunity and 5G technology by Dr Buttar (video)
Willem Felderhof | 21 April

This video first documents the difference between what 5G is and what we THINK it is, helping to make us

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Covid-19 Virus, Scientific Corruption Exposed by Dr Buttar (Video)
Willem Felderhof | 21 April

The level of toxicity in Wuhan was extraordinary but in typical fashion, the “virus hunters” came out and shut out

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The Coronavirus False Flag & Martial Law (Part III): Stealth Implementation of 5G in the U.S.
Willem Felderhof | 20 April

First of all there has been tremendous resistance to 5G in the U.S. with several lawsuits being filed. The Deep

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8 MORE Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic
Willem Felderhof | 17 April

Our third batch of Medical experts dissenting from the media/political “consensus”. * * * Dr John Lee is an English consultant

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How Covid-19 Will Seize All Your Rights and Destroy The Economy
William | 7 April

How Covid-19 Will Seize All Your Rights and Destroy The Economy In this highly important video David Icke exposes how

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THE WIFI KILLSHOT by J.E. Ante (The Science of how 5G Technology kills you)
Willem Felderhof | 5 April

Interesting read considering that all virus’ are electrical and carry different polarity charges… for instance persons with O positive blood

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