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The Battlefield is YOU
Willem Felderhof | 10 May

By Zen Gardner There’s no looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for outside redemption. There’s no collective bargaining to

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Facing Reality; Humanity has Passed the Point of No Return.
Willem Felderhof | 8 May

By Willem Felderhof There are numerous aspects in the art of aviation that express the beauty of the job as

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Covid-19 immunity and 5G technology by Dr Buttar (video)
Willem Felderhof | 21 April

This video first documents the difference between what 5G is and what we THINK it is, helping to make us

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The Coronavirus False Flag & Martial Law (Part III): Stealth Implementation of 5G in the U.S.
Willem Felderhof | 20 April

First of all there has been tremendous resistance to 5G in the U.S. with several lawsuits being filed. The Deep

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Quo Vadis?
Willem Felderhof | 12 April

By Zen Gardner “Quō vādis is a Latin phrase meaning “Where are you marching?”. It is also commonly translated as “Where

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To Wake Or Not To Wake
Willem Felderhof | 3 December

“There’s nothing to achieve. This is it. What’s the point of talking about any of this? Why are we so

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The Paradox of Pain
Willem Felderhof | 26 October

“What are your thoughts on living with a chronic illness or chronic pain? As a truth seeker, how do I

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A Quantum Tide Lifts All Boats
Willem Felderhof | 30 January

By Zen Gardner What strange times. We’re in a tight place right now, but it is what it is. The

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Gaming The illusion
Willem Felderhof | 27 August

Gaming The Illusion By Zen Gardner Humanity is amazing. I’m more encouraged by the day seeing the avenues of new

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