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26 Biggest Israeli Lies Debunked
Willem Felderhof | 18 May

While the world’s fakestream media is covering the pathetic current Eurovision Gaysong Festival in the only democracy in the Middle

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Willem Felderhof | 5 March

Posted by Willem Felderhof Following is from an old report from DCI . Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP) is committed

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Ziollywood stars Donating 60 Million to the Biggest Terrorist Group on Earth.
Willem Felderhof | 19 November

You wonder if these so called celebrities really don’t have a clue what they are supporting or that they are

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Puppets on a string: Hamas and ISIS dancing to Israel’s tune
Willem Felderhof | 4 December
To have a better understanding on the fact that WE are in fact ISIS, it is helpful to remember how
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