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Documentary: Forbidden history; Operation Keelhaul 1945
Willem Felderhof | 27 January

The Ashkenazi dominated Bolshevik Revolution took out the Russian people and after massive population culling reducing them to slave status,

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Communism was created by Talmudic Jews and serves only their interests.
Willem Felderhof | 16 July

  Judaism is communism Jews around the world celebrated 1917 when the Bolsheviks (Communists), led by Lenin and Trotsky, seized

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The Genociding of Germany..and after Germany, Europe is the target
Willem Felderhof | 11 July

This article is reposted from the website of Lasha Darkmoon with an introduction by Willem Felderhof Since most people in

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Judaism is a political project
Willem Felderhof | 7 May

  Judaism is essentially a political project. It is important for Jews to work toward the emergence of a world

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Anti-Semitism: The ‘Oldest Hatred’
Willem Felderhof | 1 May

This article is written by and reposted from Lasha Darkmoon Why have Jews been so unpopular throughout history? And is the

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The Darkness
Willem Felderhof | 5 April

  The Darkness  January 6, 2018 by Axe of Perun reposted from When people hear of darkness they usually associate it with

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Pornography as a secret weapon to neutralize the Goy
Willem Felderhof | 4 April

This article by Lasha Darkmoon is reposted from her website Darkmoon Pornography is deployed today as a psyop or mind

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Talmudic controlled Internet crack down as the final step to world tyranny
Willem Felderhof | 7 February

There is an unprecedented and alarming crack down on the internet going on out of the sight of the mass

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Forbidden historical documentary: The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution.
Willem Felderhof | 2 February

Forbidden historical documentary: The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution. This is Hervé Ryssen’s shocking documentary “The jews, Communism, and the Russian revolution”

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Destroying The Anti-White Arguments
Willem Felderhof | 29 January

Destroying The Anti-White Arguments This article is reposted from and although it is almost 4 years ago that it

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