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Heartless: How The Wind Industry Covers Up Health Effects Caused by Low-Frequency Turbine Noise
Willem Felderhof | 3 October

While the wind industry’s pet acoustic consultants and pseudo-scientists deny the obvious, in this article STT (Stop These Things) sets

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Wind Turbine Syndrome and the Brain
Willem Felderhof | 20 September

By Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD *The following is the text of Pierpont’s keynote address before the “First International Symposium on the

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Wind Turbines and the Rationalized Desecration of Nature
Willem Felderhof | 20 September

This article is reposted from False Progress, click here for the original and updated article. “To those devoid of imagination

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Wind Turbines, Vibro Acoustic Disease and the ever growing herd of elephants in the room
Willem Felderhof | 13 February

One of the best examples of complete neglect of human, animal and environmental detrimental consequences by the mad and corrupt

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