The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague Does Not Prosecute War Criminals, it protects them.

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague Does Not Prosecute War Criminals, it protects them.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague is nothing more than an instrument of British Imperialism. The ICC cannot be tolerated because it is intrinsically British imperialist. The authors of the ICC are imperialists. And imperialism is a crime. Therefore, it must be cancelled immediately.

The ICC is an instrument of the British Empire created by the Bobbsey twins, George Soros and his crony in illegally overthrowing governments since 1986—Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.

Without the efforts of überglobalist George Soros, the International Criminal Court, a totally private organization, formally established in 2002, would not exist. But even more important than Soros is the British Empire in creating this ICC atrocity. The creation of this phony court in the occupied Netherlands is fully facilitated by other “clan of superior gene”; the so-called Dutch royal family and their owned Dutch puppet boy scout government. The International Criminal Court’s offices are in The Hague by arrangement with the Dutch government and in close cooperation with the Dutch royal family.


Princess Mabel of Orange Nassau, narcissistic gold-digger and power addict daughter-in-law of Queen Beatrix, is a Soros agent, who runs his relations with the European Union. Mabel is co-founder of several imperialist think tanks like the European Counsel on Foreign Relations. The Princess herself ran Balkans political-military intrigues during the war in former Yugoslavia. In 1993, Mabel worked for the UN and quickly became a girlfriend of the Bosnian ambassador Mohammed Sacirbey (with an American passport, who was married at the time); a relationship that lasted until 1998.

Mabel Wisse Smit, with support from Soros, founded the European Action Council for “Peace” in the Balkans to support the civil war in Bosnia. Also the “independent” radio station B92 was set up by Soros, Mabel and Co. to spread propaganda against Milosevic. Co-conspirators in this wonderful display of democracy were the Dutch Willemijn Verloop and Phon van den Biesen.

Mabel, Willemijn and Phon also established War Child Netherlands in 1995. Synthetic philanthropy to support the armed conflict that was created by Soros and consortium in the first place, and then “help” traumatized children so much that they could never suffer any more trauma.

On January 22, 2007, Princess Mabel told The Hague International Model United Nations assembly, on behalf of the Soros Open Society Institute, that “we pushed for the creation of the International Criminal Court, which is now based in The Hague and turning this city into the New World Order’s international capital for justice”.

The idea of the ICC, as a form of world government, goes back decades. The World Federalist Movement, which was founded by Bertrand Russell in 1947 to carry out H.G. Wells’s campaign for a world government, was the first to officially propose an International Criminal Court early after World War II. In 1995, the WFM established, and still runs, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, which campaigned for the ICC. The WFM is, again funded by Georgie Soros. He literally owns the whole façade.

The “Court” answers to no one—it was designed by the British Empire in precisely that way. It acts completely outside the United Nations and completely outside any sovereign nation-state. Exactly the same status as the treasonous royal criminal families in the Netherlands and Britain have given themselves. To be established, the ICC, based on a document known as the Rome Statute, had to be ratified by at least 60 countries. That occurred in 2002; but the ratification, following the “adoption” of the Rome Statute by 120 countries, required massive funding by private interests, and psychopathic speculator Soros was at the top of the list. Nothing more than mafia at work.

Three primary funders of the current International Criminal Court are

1) George Soros, through his various organizations, including the Open Society Institute, Human Rights Watch, and the Soros Foundation;

2) The British Empire, through the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is deeply influenced by Soros’s former business partner Malloch-Brown and,

3) The European Union’s “European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights,” whose initiatives are meshed with and co-managed by again…the Soros apparatus.

Besides the ICC, The Soros organization also directly funded another devil’s advocate; the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which prosecuted and judicially murdered Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in the former Gestapo prison Scheveningen.

The ICC has developed into one of the most blatant illustrations of double standards. And all this with the consent of the Dutch people who are happy with the fact that their country is facilitating the presence of evil and illegal imperial institutions like the ICC. The apathy of the Dutch people towards the ongoing criminal treason of their elected officials and collaborating “royals” in the geo political arena is truly astounding. The devastating toll for this apathy however is one block away.

The United States and Israel are manipulating the ICC without recognizing its jurisdiction, and have protected themselves by bilateral agreements with a long list of countries that provide immunity for United States citizens as well as by Congressional laws to protect U.S. and Israeli citizens from the ICC. The ICC was established to prosecute culpable individuals for crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Its mandate calls for “ending impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern.” US/NATO and Israeli officials are guilty of the highest of high crimes. Yet none of their officials ever were held accountable – not by their own courts or the ICC. The ICC does not prosecute war criminals but protect them. It is a joke, and a bad one. The treasonous Dutch government and especially the so-called “royal” family are actively facilitating a Guantanamo bay in their occupied country. The ICC and tribunals are nothing more than NWO tools to facilitate NATO/US Israeli war crimes. Watch the shameful trial against Slobodan Milosevic before he was killed in Scheveningen prison, to get a taste of how this kangaroo court works:


It bears repeating. The ICC is a notorious imperial tool. Expect Palestinians denied justice like always. Expect no Israeli officials convicted of high crimes they are committing against the Palestinian people and the rest of the world.

Israel is number 1  violator of (meaningless)  UN resolutions and is guilty of the worst crimes against humanity but is exempted from any form of legal persecution by the kangaroo courts in The Hague.



On the contrary, war criminals like Benjamin Netanyahu can expect a royal treatment when visiting the country that assures the freedom and agenda’s of war criminals like Bibi. But again, the causal factor of why this evil can continue rampant is not because of the psychopathic powers that shouldn’t be. It is because of the ones who are aware of it, seeing it and do nothing about it. And the price for apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

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