The Trinity of Consciousness

By Kris Nelson
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Trinity – The Three from the One

The human brain can be divided into three general parts for analysis: 1) the base brain stem “R-Complex”, 2) limbic midbrain, and 3) higher neocortex forebrain. They combine to form one whole brain. This is the first symbolic trinity at the biological level, called the triune brain model or theory. I previously remarked on how this is only a model to understand basic general functionality. Everything operates together, but some parts can be recognized to have specific general functionality that this model is useful for describing.

Another trinity is within consciousness. The trinity of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Our consciousness perceives objects, events and phenomena in existence. Thoughts and emotions feedback, as internal manifestations of consciousness, to process information stimulus from our environment. Our thoughts and emotions unite to produce our actions. We output a response as action or behavior, the external manifestation of consciousness. To be united in consciousness requires that we be think, feel and act in harmony, alignment and integrity within our own manifestations of consciousness.


Looking at consciousness and the brain in one way, the triune components of the brain can each correspond with a trinity of consciousness expression.

  • Our thoughts can generally be ascribed to come from the “newer” and more evolved neocortical area of higher brain functionality.
  • Out emotions can generally be attributed to the “center of emotions” from limbic midbrain.
  • Our actions can be symbolically attributed to the basic lower consciousness basic behavior functionality, instincts and survival, which represent movement (action) more than they do thought or emotion.

This is the operation of both the trinity of consciousness and the triune brain together.

An event is processed by our senses. We initially process at a basic unaware uncritical unconscious level in thought and emotion. What we feel in the limbic system communicates with the cerebral cortex to process it with more thought and recognize its meaning as an emotion. Emotions are expressed as feelings, which requires conscious or unconscious thought and meaning to be used for salience, value, weight and importance to be applied. After the internal processing occurs, the electro-chemical responses are sent down the brainstem for motor activity and behavior.



We can also look at the symbolism of consciousness another way, not based on the physical triune brain structure. This would be the aforementioned trinity of consciousness: thought, emotion and action.



Thought activity is a fundamental basis of the two internal manifestations of consciousness. Thoughts are the primary expression, emanation or essence symbolized by the “god” creator aspect. Thought arose first for all of our higher order actions. Hence, there is the concept of “the universe is mental” and made of “thought energy”. But there are also actions that require no thought because they are all automated subconscious unconscious survival functions. Thoughts arise first for many things, but not for all things.

We are the reference point that is externalized and anthropomorphized to attempt to provide an answer about how all of creation was created. “I create things first from my thoughts first… therefore that means some other being did the same with all that is created!”

Any series of events, or invention we make, first existed as a thought in the mind or consciousness of the people who made it occur. For example, someone first thought about the need for an eating instrument and then proceeding to create a fork, spoon, etc.

Within thought activity there are still the masculine and feminine components through thecharacteristics of the left and right brain.



Emotions are the second internal aspect of consciousness that we express within our body through our physical makeup in the form of sensations, feelings and body language. Thought or electrical activity or energy is then expressed through our physiology as a feeling in response. Correlating with the “creator” symbolism of the “father”, emotions are the “Holy Spirit”, “divine mother” or “sacred feminine” in the trinity of consciousness.



The marriage between the divine father creator, thought, and divine mother spirit, emotions, creates a divine child of action, a synthesis or byproduct that manifest as the things we do in the world, our behavior. This is an alchemical wedding between the internal masculine “father” and feminine “mother” aspects of consciousness, thoughts and emotions, that produce the synthesis of external masculine action as the “divine child” offspring. The child is wise in right-action, and knows the way and the path to walk.


Trinity as Unity

There is also the Trinity of the body-mind-“spirit” connection where our body represents action, our mind represents thought, and our “spirit” represents emotion in the sense that our emotions are the “spirit in which we do things”. The Trinity concept is represented in different traditions under the name of the Law of Three or the Triune (3-in-1) aspect of consciousness.

Following only the “heart” (emotions) without taking the “brain” (thoughts) with you is not the path of truth or “love”, yet many people mistakenly believe this in the pseudo-spiritual and “New Age” movements and beliefs. This is the concept that thought, thinking, mind, logic, etc. are a “negative”, in favor of more heavy “right-brain” modalities of being, like focusing only on feeling, arts, etc. This does not make a united whole brain or lead to optimal actions.

To be united, whole, integrated, aligned, in harmony, within ourselves, in our own expressions of consciousness, is to be doing as we feel and as we think. As we think, so shall we feel and so shall we do. Thoughts don’t contradict our emotion and actions. Action don’t betray our words. We are united within ourselves. We are integrated and live in integrity. Of course its always better to also be united with truth and be really integrated with truth, reality and existence.

Uniting our “left” and “right” brain qualities of consciousness helps us unite in consciousness as well.

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Part 1: The Brain and Consciousness

Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people.

Author: Kris Nelson / @krnel
Date: 2016-10-05, 1:30am EST

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  • Susan van den Bergh
    February 25, 2017, 1:07 pm  

    Dear Willem,

    Born in Holland, living in France, but essentially a “world-citizen” and “aware being”,
    possibly even an alien, who escaped from the confines of the space-ship to discover
    other planets in order to evolve, learn and become even more AWARE ?
    Joking aside, I too am very concerned about the state of our world, humanity, other
    species and much more ! Also beyond our beautiful, suffering Mother Earth – the cosmos
    at “close range” is also reason for concern, as already so full of debris, including toxic radiation,
    etc. etc . floating around, polluting THAT ENVIRONMENT !!! United we stand (and fall), but
    hope above all to United Evolve as human species, aware of and for the benefit of ALL !
    I consider you as a true spiritual soulmate ! Love and Blessings Susan xxx

  • Susan van den Bergh
    February 25, 2017, 1:50 pm  

    Zomaar spontaan – een heel oud gedichtje…


    Is niet de mens in
    draaien en bewegen
    gelijk een tol – onbewust
    zijn kern ontvliedend
    en eenmaal uitgedraaid
    een hoop nietszeggendheid
    in eindeloze strijd ?

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