What Is Truth?

by Mark Passio
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Truth is the expression of all that exists

Truth is simply that which is, and all of that which is encompasses the Truth.

This means that ultimately, Truth is comprised of all information, in all space, times, frequencies and dimensions of existence.

Truth is unwavering. It simply is, and it is always simple. It is only our perception that wavers either toward the Truth or away from it – but theTruth itself is simply that which is. Some will attempt to sell you the lie that there is no Truth, that which is true can never be known, or that it is only our perceptions of the Truth that comprise reality. At worst, these are deliberate lies by those intentionally attempting to mislead us. At best, these are ill-formed opinions of the severely misguided.

Truth is knowable

The truth is that the Truth exists. It is . You can become increasingly aware of it in your own experience. This is, in fact, the reason we exist.

A human being’s sensory organs are hard-wired to perceive information contained only within an extremely narrow bandwidth range compared to all that actually exists. Our ability to receive and process information through these organs is known as our senses. These include sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. There is also a sixth sense we possess (though many do not believe it exists) calledIntuition – a state of simple knowing, the ability to recognize an aspect of the Truth without consciously being aware of exactly how we know it.


I would not make the claim that human beings in their current forms can know the whole Truth of all Creation, for the sensory organs we possess are not capable of receiving information that exists outside of their perceptual limits. We often use technology as an extension of our natural senses to become aware of information that lies outside the limits of our sense perception. But technology also has its limits, and so much information lies outside of the perceptual limits of any technology we currently possess, or may invent in the future. What I am claiming, is that we are capable of knowing the body of information which has come into manifestation and lies within the perceptual limits of both our senses and technology.

Truth is holographically present in Nature

This means that we are most definitely capable of becoming aware of that which is happening both within ourselves, and in the manifested events of the world in which we live – the realm that we call Earth. This information will always be knowable because the reality in which we live is holographic in nature. This means that the Truth about the universe in which we exist (the macrocosm), is revealed to us through the process of becoming increasingly aware of even the smallest parts (the microcosm) that comprise the whole.


This is another way of saying that in order to become more aware of how the Cosmos is structured and behaves, we must become more aware of how we ourselves are structured and behave. Through this increase in awareness, the parts of the whole become more aware of themselves, and thus more aware of the whole of which they are a part. In this way, the whole of the Cosmos becomes more aware of itself, and thus the Will of Creation is accomplished.

Because the Truth is manifested holographically, the information comprising the Truth can never be destroyed, for it is literally contained within every single thing in creation. Thus the Truth is systemically preserved. The only way it could ever possibly be eradicated would be to destroy every element in all creation, which, to the best of my knowledge, no one has been able to do just yet. Understanding theindestructibility of Truth allows us to understand that anyone who actually believes that the Truth is capable of being suppressed and ultimately destroyed is living in a deep state of fear, illusion and denial. They are raging against that which is, and those who do that seldom find themselves in a good place.


Speaking Truth is an act of revolution

The time in which we we are currently living is the beginning of a process in which the human species is becoming increasingly aware of the existence of Truth and experiencing a deep connection to it at the core of their being. intro-01-orwellThis process will continue until it is accomplished through the expansion of our collective Consciousness and its evolution toward Truth. It will also be accomplished through our collective participation in the ideological battle taking place right now with those who are raging against this process of Creation.

I know which side of that battle I have personally chosen, for I’ve conquered my fear and ego to the extent that I would not suppose that I could rage against the Will of Creation and come out on top. I, for one, have stopped raging against what is, and have stepped into the slip-stream of Creation. I find that it’s much more comfortable that way.

I also know that, regardless of who may appear to be in power or control at any given time, the Truth will always conquer. If you have recognized the Truth in what you’ve just read, you will also understand that it could not possibly be any other way.



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