Ziollywood stars Donating 60 Million to the Biggest Terrorist Group on Earth.

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You wonder if these so called celebrities really don’t have a clue what they are supporting or that they are willfully supporting the worst producer of human suffering and state sponsored terrorism in the world. You also wonder if all the ignorant idiots who are admiring their treasonous heroes in the illusionary facade of Hollywood have any braincells at all?

The IDF is slaughtering and terrorizing over 1,7 million innocent Palestinian civilians, most of them are children, in the biggest concentration camp on earth, the Gaza Lager with American taxpayer’s money. Besides that, the powerful Israeli zionist lobby is a big part of the psychopathic war mongering parasite that has a vicious stronghold over the American (and European) political arena’s and societies. The slow genocide of the Palestinian people and brutalities committed by the IDF are simply the worst violations of any international law and we see a daily increase of blatant crimes against humanity. Those Hollywood actors are nothing but disgusting traitors and promoters of genocide, world wide false flag terror, ethnic cleansing, and the worst crimes against humanity.

This blatant act of treason goes completely unpunished because the fear based mind controlled masses and the pathetic puppets in the political freak shows are still shit scared to be labeled with the worn out anti Semite label. Any country that performs normal moral behavior  by criticizing Israel on it’s structural violations of any international law and ongoing illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine, will be answered with Mafia style threats or will get some false flag terror treatments. The only sanction Israel can expect in reaction to it’s war criminal acts are pathetic empty hollow words from corrupted agents in the non legal and non democratic fascist organization called the United Nations. It is truly the world upside down and we sit by and watch. The disgusting fear based and self centered apathy towards the ever expanding waves of terror and blatant violations of international laws by Israel and it’s vassals, is tumbling humanity into pitch dark ages if we do not start to ACT and speak out en masse against the Talmudic atrocities.

On the 1st of this month a group of mentally deranged collaborators called the Friends of the (((terrorist))) group Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) raised a record $60 million at its annual Western Region Gala in Beverly Hills organized by über psychopath Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl. Celebrity guests that attend this gathering of warmongering psychopaths include Julie Bowen,  Ashton Kutcher, Pharrell Williams, Gerard Butler, Robert De Niro, Joanna Krupa Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more.

“How much money do you want to kill more Palestinians?” Robert DeNiro, Larry the lizzard King and war criminal psychopath Haim Saban 
Robert DeNiro appreciates fine mind controlled women that are enforcing Israeli terrorism
and are committing crimes against humanity.
Lizzard trio Cheryl Saban, Rosanna Arquette and Haim Saban 
Brainwashed Gerard Butler shows his appreciation for a mind controlled IDF child killer
Larry the Lizzard and the empty headed terminator embracing terrorist Saban. How can we finish the job in Gaza Haim?
Model actress Joanna Krupa and some other people
Brainwashed child killers, their masters and an empty head.
What makes DeNiro smile? Beautiful mind controlled IDF drones, and apartheid, apparently. The torture and killing of children is what they support and what we support with our apathy:
Sorry, I can't get enough of DeNiro smiling! (Photo Credit: Noam Chen)

A clearly deranged De Niro supporting mind controlled agents whose minds are so deeply manipulated that they really think they are defending something.

Until we come out of our fear based state of apathy, stand up and ACT, the Palestinian people and the rest of humanity is lost. It is now or never as it always has been, but we have heard that way to often.





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  • Bodhi
    December 7, 2016, 6:26 pm  

    All correct. These “role models” are nothing but characterless parasites looking back on an effortless life financed by the enormous army of brainless zombies. Will it ever change? Never!!!

    Humans were designed in this way and the only comfort can be found in the fact that – if a criminal cabal of Palestinians could manage to steer global politics – in a more or less distant future the image of Jewry could invert once again from one of chosenness to the less attractive one of worthless scum. And again – like before – there would be actors, politicians, profiteers, idiots galore and all intermediate forms (i.e. idiot-actors etc.) to hail the new truth ……. and everything would remain the same. No substantial change can ever occur and wasn’t intended in the first place.

    But for those who seek revenge: Their kingdom will fall ……………….. sooner or later.

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