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Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential Terrorists According To The FBI
Willem Felderhof | 30 October

Article reposted from in this together written by: IAIN DAVIS AUGUST 6, 2019 On May 30th 2019 the FBI released an

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Free the innocent Lynda Thyer from a French prison
Willem Felderhof | 29 October

The innocent Lynda Thyer is now in a French prison, Fleury-Mérogis. Its the largest prison in Europe built for 2,855

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Political Islam, a Totalitarian Doctrine
Willem Felderhof | 13 October

By Bill Warner Totalitarianism is a political system of absolute power where the state has no limit to its authority and

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SYRIA: Turkey, the Kurds and NATO explained
Willem Felderhof | 10 October

By Vanessa Beeley reposted from her blog The Wall Will Fall There is a growing confusion over the situation in

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Top Model Turned Whistleblower Exposes Elites
Willem Felderhof | 9 October

By Tiffany FitzHenry When you’ve graced the covers of international fashion magazines and shared runways and agents with the likes

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Aansprakelijkheidsactie tegen 5G groot succes; Miljardenclaim tegen telecombedrijven
Willem Felderhof | 6 October

Onderstaand is het recente persbericht van de Nationale Bond tegen Overheidszaken (N.B.O.) Aansprakelijkheidsactie tegen 5G groot succes Miljardenclaim tegen telecombedrijven

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R.I.P. dear Maurice (Morris)
Willem Felderhof | 4 October

With indescribable sadness and pain in my heart I was informed that my dear friend Maurice Herman (Morris) passed away

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Willem Felderhof | 23 September

Don’t worry! This is all just in a proposal and lab experimenting phase just like geo-engineering. Secondly this technology is

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Wind Turbine Syndrome and the Brain
Willem Felderhof | 20 September

By Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD *The following is the text of Pierpont’s keynote address before the “First International Symposium on the

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Wind Turbines and the Rationalized Desecration of Nature
Willem Felderhof | 20 September

This article is reposted from False Progress, click here for the original and updated article. “To those devoid of imagination

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