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Cultural Marxism and the Demoralisation of the Western Spirit
Willem Felderhof | 15 September

Cultural Marxism is a negative and demoralizing force used to break down the defenses of Western Civilization. It is used

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Are We Witnessing The Last Generation Of Real Men? A Nation Full Of ‘Soy Boys’ & Feminazis Is Doomed For Extinction
Willem Felderhof | 9 January

By Susan Duclos – article reposted from All News PipeLine Between the constant attacks on masculinity, the Xenoestrogen chemicals in household

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5G – A “Massive Experiment On The Health Of All Species?”
Willem Felderhof | 12 November

Article reposted from UFO insight By Marcus Lowth Most of us have probably heard of 5G, even if we don’t

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Social engineering in the West; the shutting down of human consciousness.
Willem Felderhof | 15 March

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of human behaviors, thoughts and opinions is the primary element in society. Those who hold

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Japan, social engineering & the blatant depopulation agenda.
Willem Felderhof | 26 November
The destruction of Japan and extinction of its population is the desired consequence, or by product, of the fact that
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Why would they do it?? Because they’re psychopaths and parasites, it is up to us, now more than ever.
Willem Felderhof | 22 March
WHY WOULD THEY DO IT?? Geo-engineering is fueling global warming at an unimaginable alarming scale. Solar Radiation Management(SRM) programs are
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